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Heavy goods transport
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Europe’s number 1 for steel bridges

Steel bridge transport

ProjectCargo AG is Europe’s leading service provider for the transport of steel bridges. Our portfolio includes transport, crane work (SMT) as well as rough assembly, including the shifting and insertion of the bridge components.

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We secure, transport and unload all types of heavy cargo – internationally

Heavy goods transport

Our experts take into account the required time, safety and cost requirements to find the best solutions for our customers.

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We are the experts in heavy good transport by land, sea or air and work mainly with the following sectors:

Heavy goods transport

- Chemical and petroleum industry
- Machine and plant construction
- Energy industry


No successful heavy goods transport without a prior feasibility study

Heavy goods transport

Before we start planning a transport, we prepare a well-founded feasibility study.
While serving as a basis for decision-making with regard to considerations of time, safety and cost, this feasibility study also provides important parameters and information about the entire project, such as the transport route, transport mix, route tests as well as the often critical aspects at the loading and transhipment points.


Authority and permission procedures are a special challenge

Heavy goods transport

Before heavy goods transport can get underway, sections of the route must be inspected, bridges checked for their condition and permits obtained.
We have been working in a very reliable and well-prepared manner with the relevant authorities for decades.


Special permits often constitute a time constraint

Heavy goods transport

Timely application for special permits is also often crucial in the successful execution of heavy goods transport. As Projektcargo has an overview of all the legal options within Europe, we are happy to take care of this task for you.

Industrial ship on river - aerial view

Transport over water requires its own logistics expertise

Sea transport

Our engineers have many years of experience in shipping logistics. Their worldwide port infrastructure and shipping company networking know-how guarantees a smooth flow of consignments. - Our range of services includes:
- Full containers (FCL/FCL)
- Consolidation solutions (LCL/LCL/FCL)
- Breakbulk cargo
- Sea freight charters
- Combined air/sea transport
- Reefers

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Worldwide network and international cooperation partners make it possible

Air transport

Projektcargo takes over the organisation and implementation of all air freight services. A worldwide network and international cooperation partners guarantee maximisation of cargo space and equipment availability.

Semi-Truck transporting hubcap gear equipment of a wind turbine, slowly driving along a country road through the fields. Large mobile crane and tower of a new turbine in the background. Taken at a construction site under clear sky in the German North Sea Region, Lower Saxony, Germany, Europe.

Transporting and erecting wind turbines is a logistical tour de force


Damage-free transport of all individual components, intelligent and efficient use of routes and vehicles, involvement of service providers and adherence to deadlines constitute a major challenge.

Large areas of wind power in the mountains

Extensive project experience makes Projektcargo an expert in this area


We can draw on the experience of already having transported several hundred wind turbines. Our employees are highly qualified engineers and recognised contact persons for all leading European wind turbine manufacturers.

Swiss pinwheel. With mountains in the background

Transporting the sensitive rotor blades requires the highest level of professionalism, from equipment to customs formalities


Numerous factors have to be taken into account when planning and executing transport and re-erection: weather conditions, special considerations for securing in place, use of special equipment, transport routes, calculation of curve radii. Projektcargo organises the entire transport chain, including customs formalities.

Cargo airplane loading

We are available for the following areas:

Air transport

- Direct flights and groupage consignments
- Express transport – AOG, 24/7
- Aircraft charters
- Combined air/sea transport
- Cargo security checks
- Palletising pre-carriage and onward carriage

Additional services


Conceptualisation of the entire process, from production to assembly.
Accompanying consulting services, from concept development to implementation.

Feasibility study

Route tests for national and international transport for every region and every route. ProjectCargo finds a solution for every transport.


ProjectCargo is capable of providing storage space at several locations and almost all ports.
Our customers can rent the space for both short-term and long-term storage.

On-site monitoring of the transport procedure

Here we play close attention to technical and safety-related points.

  1. Loading:
    ProjectCargo ensures that the transport concept is technically implemented in keeping with the planning concept.

  2. Transport:
    ProjectCargo is there for every stage of the transport, to ensure the quality of implementation. We put priority on technology and safety in doing so.

  3. Unloading and bringing in:
    ProjectCargo ensures that all technical and project-related specifications are complied with.

Simulations for heavy goods transport

ProjectCargo can create a simulation for every national and international transport and thus document both feasibility and technical practicability.

Transport drawing

We can prepare transport drawings and execution schedules on request.

Crane studies

ProjectCargo prepares crane studies at the customer’s request.

Transport packaging

By this we mean packaging for road transport / repackaging of goods: triangular transactions / neutralise packaging / labelling

Transport insurance

Taking out project-related transport insurance coverage.
This gives the customer the option of insuring their transport under ProjectCargo’s policy, from the factory to the destination.

L/C check

ProjectCargo checks the L/C for feasibility and whether the specifications can be implemented in the spirit of the customer / project.

L/C processing

Preparation of the necessary documents according to the L/C in the name of the customer and submission to the banks / partners (e.g. documents: commercial invoice / packing list / certificate of origin)

Contract review

ProjectCargo checks the feasibility requirements stated in the contract (e.g. Incoterms, delivery date, periods of validity, customs clearance regulations, payment modalities)

Customs clearance

In the country of departure and destination: ProjectCargo prepares the export/import documents and takes care of the relevant customs clearance in the respective receiving country

Tracking your flow of goods

Shipment tracking, including of large structural components with a GPS system. Tracking provides the customer a significant additional benefit when several and/or different suppliers deliver to the same project.


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